World Map Navigator

This system will enable the player to navigate through its collection of maps. To unlock said maps, the player will need to buy or receive in some way certain items.
World Navigator will be given to you once you help a certain Kardian – a race of highly advanced people said to have been the origin of the Luminian – in political affairs. Don’t disappoint them, and maybe you’ll see more of their hidden knowledge.
Without further ado, here are the screenshots:

Credits and Thanks:

  • World Map Navigator © Apidcloud ;
  • Legend of the Elements: Chronicles of Luminia © Omnilan Team ;
  • Enterbrain © for game engine ;
  • MACL authors for Zlib::Png_File and Bitmap.make_png ;
  • LegacyCrono for the basic understand of autotiles in RPG Maker XP ;
  • SephirothSpawn and ForeverZero for Png pictures creation ;
  • Blizzard for Bitmap.slice_text
  • Zecomeia for sharing an huge encryption pdf ;
  • game_guy for basic methods of compression ;
  • http:/ for the gold bronze feather picture, although changed by us accordingly;
  • Paul Reid(TracerTong) for DriftType font ;
  • RPG Communities, for existing 🙂
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    1. September 12th, 2011

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